You've Got 30 Minutes

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This sort of thing has been attempted before, though with limited success:

Hillary Clinton in 2008 on the Hallmark Channel.

Before this year’s Super Tuesday primary, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton broadcast a live town hall meeting on the Hallmark Channel. It was watched by 540,000 households, or about 705,000 viewers, according to the Nielsen ratings.

Ross Perot in 1992:
Perot’s programs drew an average audience of 11.6 million viewers, or 4.6 percent of viewers nationwide, according to Nielsen. His one simulcast on ABC and CBS on Nov. 2, 1992, attracted 26 million viewers, Nielsen found.

Here's a shout to

McGovern in 1972:

As we are all aware, everyone who previously attempted this sort of maneuver lost their respective elections...


Obama's infomercial pulled in 26.4 million viewers, sizable increase over past infomercial attempts.