McCain and Palin have stepped up their attacks in the past few days, particularly on the William Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright fronts. While the overwhelming trend is for campaign to become increasingly negative during October, it isn't difficult to assume that the McCain campaign's increased negativity is a direct result of its polling numbers falling off a cliff over the past few weeks:

The real matter is whether McCain's, or rather Palin's (as she is stepping it up in her pit bull role of late) attacks will gain any traction? The problem is not only that Americans are overwhelmingly focused on the economy right now, but that Palin's line of attacks have already been "vetted" in a sense - by Hillary Clinton. My guess is that only a very small fraction of the voting public has yet to be exposed to either the William Ayers or Rev. Wright stories. In effect, McCain and Palin are essentially bringing a knife to a gun fight, as Obama & CO. have held back their best line of attack -- the Keating 5 scandal -- simply waiting for the best opportunity to use the story as a counter attack.

What attack seems more relevant today to the typical American voter who is still undecided?